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Why Georgia

Georgia is positioned in the southeastern United States with part of the State as far inland west as Detroit. A two hour flight from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport puts you within 80% of the United States markets. Within their confines is the state of Georgia – home to red clay, Vidalia® Onions and a booming economy.

Since 1965, Georgia’s population has more than doubled, making it one of the fastest growing states in the nation. And what’s propelling this growth? An environment that enables its citizens and businesses to thrive.

People like Georgia because of its exceptional quality of life. Businesses like Georgia because of its business-friendly attitude. And companies continue to move to Georgia at a brisk pace.

In FY2018, new and expanding businesses created more than 30,300 new jobs and $6.33 billion in investment. More on the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Year End Review can be found here.

Georgia’s success in attracting companies is due to its stable, financial and regulatory environment. Workforce talent, a favorable tax structure, and ease of access to market create the business-friendly atmosphere for any company to thrive.

  • Georgia is ranked 1st in Cooperative & Responsive State Government (Area Development, 2014-2018).
  • Georgia has been ranked the #1 "State For Business" by Site Selection Magazine 6 consecutive years (since 2013).
  • Georgia has maintained a AAA rating from all three credit agencies for over 20 years.
  • The state has a fully-funded rainy day fund, approaching $2.5B (10%+ of annual expenditures).
  • Effective January 2019, Georgia’s corporate income tax rate is 5.75%. This is the first change to the rate since 1969.

Leaders in the best states for business make decisions that foster a skilled workforce, reliable infrastructure, low taxes and high state credit ratings. Georgia gives you all of these — and something more: consistency.

Want proof? Check out the companies that planted roots here. And listen to the words of business leaders who came to Georgia – and stayed.

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